Foodie Sustainable

Foodisiac sustainable

We should all be aware of the impact of mass production on our planet, the health downsides of excessive consumption of so many products… We also think eating meat or fish can remain an occasional treat and hence, should be done well. Our products are prepared respectfully and skillfully, so to enhance what is a special moment. We present you with this juicy beef filet and its fine tender grain which result from a blend of the Charolais and Limousine breeds. The selection of the finest veal slaughtered humanely is the specialty of our highly talented butcher. Foodisiac, puts every effort to make this moment unique, we hope you will appreciate it.

Foodie Caesar

Foodisiac Caesar Salad

At Foodisiac we love what we do, and we love to do it well… Enjoy our caesar salad, with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano!

Coffee Art

Coffee Art

Coffee making is an art, and as many of you know, Julio, our barista, is a true artist that will turn you into an addict.

Autumn Thoughts

Foodisac Autumn

September in Sotogrande, triggers this indescribable feeling. Summer is almost over, the craziness of August has made way to a time when one can finally enjoy the treasures of Sotogrande selfishly, peacefully have a quiet moment at the table of your favourite restaurant. At Foodisiac, we embrace Sotogrande’s “Art-de-Vivre” and feel blessed to contribute to it. Our entire team remains dedicated to provide you with a place to take a little time-out and self-indulge in a truly unique scenic and gastronomic experience.

Sotogrande’s Best Kept Secret…

Foodisiac Sotogrande

There is a little gem in the Marina of Sotogrande where you can have a 5 star style breakfast in the morning, enjoy a bistronomic style lunch and dinner for the entire family, served by friendly and welcoming staff. All that while enjoying spectacular views of the marina and the sailboats moored just in front. Do you know where it is?