FOODISIAC Sotogrande

Gourmet Restaurant



Mercado del Levante
Marina del Puerto de Sotogrande
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Foodisiac Gastronomy
Foodisiac Gastronomy
Foodisiac Caesar Salad
Tuna Tataki
Foodisiac Caesar Salad
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FOODISIAC Gastronomy

Foodisiac restaurant brings a cuisine without borders to the very heart of the Port of Sotogrande. It offers elegantly prepared dishes with a modern twist on traditional cuisine for the pleasure of all foodies. Although its roots go deep into the best Mediterranean traditions, Foodisiac passionately brings you the rich flavors of exotic spices that marry admirably with the excellent products that Andalusia offers. Foodisiac offers creative dishes for all tastes, including vegetarians and vegans. The whole family can enjoy a gastronomic experience in the beautiful surroundings of the Marina de Sotogrande.

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Experience the French style breakfast as you would in the greatest palace hotels around the world, sided by a coffee brewed by our professional barrista, Julio. Feel free to ask him about the flavours of our different varieties of single-origin coffees and get ready to enjoy a passionate one-sided conversation. Savour the delicious flavours and textures of our bakery products with a French Croque Monsieur, the famous Eggs Benedict elaborated by Foodisiac’s kitchen or maybe simply just a freshly baked pure butter croissant. Of course, as true Andalusian aficionados, we also take great care in elaborating those tasty tostadas, with all those Mediterranean ingredients blended with the flavours of an excellent Arbequina olive oil.

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Foodisiac is the place to meet with friends and try a cocktail you have never had before. Cocktails that will surprise you by marrying flavours of fresh fruits with unexpected mixes of premium alcohols. Of course, at Foodisiac we always pay special attention to aesthetics and the drinks look beautiful. They are elaborate, vivid, intense, the perfect recipe for a festive evening. Foodisiac is the ideal location to share those special moments in life with those you love.

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Foodisiac is the place for foodies, run by foodies. Our entire staff is passionate about providing a unique experience tailored for the most demanding foodie! We take pride in what we do and it shows. Our menu is designed for the entire family and we never compromise on quality. We bring to you the best products Andalucia has to offer in dishes that we love from here and around the world.

We serve all day from morning to evening, fresh bread made daily in our bakery from the finest flours we select for each product. A unique selection of fine pastries, many inspired by our favourite pastry chefs or schools, such as Ferrandi, Antonio Bachour or Cédric Grolet. Experience the French breakfast as you would in the greatest palace hotels around the world, with a coffee brewed by our professional barrista from one of our selected single origin coffees.

Enjoy a gourmet lunch or dinner, select a prestigious wine, or discover new ones from the wine list we elaborated carefully. Whichever the occasion, whether it’s a business dinner, a romantic moment with your loved one or simply a night out with the entire family, we will do our best to make it an unforgettable experience.

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