Discover our Specialty Coffees

Café San Rafael, Finca San Rafael, Brasil.
This coffee has flavors of caramel, almonds and dark chocolate. It has a well-rounded balanced body. We recommended it for Espresso or Cappuccino.

Café Capuco Organico, Honduras.
This organic coffee has received the Cup of Excellence award. It has aromas of Nuts, chocolate, coffee berries, jasmin, caramel and peach. It has flavors of nuts, honey, dark cherries and chocolate. It has a clean, well-balanced body and leaves a nice sweet after-taste. We recommended it both for Espressos and filter coffees.

Café Sidamo New Crop, Etiopia.
This high-altitude grown coffee has floral aromas with jasmin, blackberry, raspberry and caramel notes. It has an acidic citrus flavor as well as grapes and berries. Its body is smooth, clean and elongated. We recommend a filter elaboration process for an optimal tasting.

Café de Cooperativa, Pico de Orizaba, Mexico. 
100% Arabica, Organic Decafeinated Coffee. This coffee is smooth, has aromas of chocolate, spicy and tobacco. It’s silky, smooth and has flavors of citrus and spices. A clean decaf, perfect for a late night espresso.

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