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Mercado del Levante
Marina del Puerto de Sotogrande
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FROM 13H00 to 22H30

Located in the Marina of Sotogrande
5 Stars Breakfasts
Single Origin Coffee
A Stylish Decoration
Beautiful Food
Taste our Chef's Amazing Ramen
Unique Homemade Desserts
Foodisiac is also an Organic Bakery
Simply Delicious
Every Detail Matters
Yummy Vegan Offerings
A Cozy Heated Terrace
Travel with Exotic Dishes
From Around the World
Everything is Homemade
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Uncompromising Quality
Colorful Pleasures
Indulge Yourself!
All-day Non-stop Service
As Fresh as Can Be
Travel Around the World from your Table
Wonderful Meditarreanean Flavors
A Casual Chic Gastronomic Experience
Beautiful Food for the whole Family

Foodisiac's Gastronomy

Foodisiac restaurant brings a cuisine without borders to the very heart of the Port of Sotogrande. It offers elegantly prepared dishes with a modern twist on traditional cuisine for the pleasure of all foodies. Although its roots go deep into the best Mediterranean traditions, Foodisiac passionately brings you the rich flavors of exotic spices that marry admirably with the excellent products that Andalusia offers. Foodisiac offers creative dishes for all tastes, including vegetarians and vegans. The whole family can enjoy a gastronomic experience in the beautiful surroundings of the Marina de Sotogrande.

An Exceptional Location

Foodisiac Coffee

Discover our Specialty Coffees

Café San Rafael, Finca San Rafael, Brasil.
This coffee has flavors of caramel, almonds and dark chocolate. It has a well-rounded balanced body. We recommended it for Espresso or Cappuccino.

Café Capuco Organico, Honduras.
This organic coffee has received the Cup of Excellence award. It has aromas of Nuts, chocolate, coffee berries, jasmin, caramel and peach. It has flavors of nuts, honey, dark cherries and chocolate. It has a clean, well-balanced body and leaves a nice sweet after-taste. We recommended it both for Espressos and filter coffees.

Café Sidamo New Crop, Etiopia.This high-altitude grown coffee has floral aromas with jasmin, blackberry, raspberry and caramel notes. It has an acidic citrus flavor as well as grapes and berries. Its body is smooth, clean and elongated. We recommend a filter elaboration process for an optimal tasting.

Café de Cooperativa, Pico de Orizaba, Mexico. 100% Arabica, Organic Decafeinated Coffee.
This coffee is smooth, has aromas of chocolate, spicy and tobacco. It's silky, smooth and has flavors of citrus and spices. A clean decaf, perfect for a late night espresso.

Cappuccino, Tulip Latte Arte

Foodisiac Bakery

Daily Fresh Bread

At Foodisiac, we love to know what exactly is in our products and we love artisan bread, actually we love artisan everything! So, we decided to set up our own bakery. We acquired all the best equipment to set up a top-of-the-line bakery. Miwe and Sveba Dahlen ovens, VMI planetary mixer, Panimatic proofing chamber (this is for the pros) and started baking with our own dedicated artisan baker. Come taste our baked goods, fresh out of the oven every day. Croissants, madeleines, will accompany our delicious coffee and provide a delightful way to start your day. We feed our own natural sourdough which we use for our bread. You can purchase our delicious bread to take-away or you can enjoy it with your fine dinner at Foodisiac's restaurant! We take pride in making our bread from A to Z!

Foodisiac is also a 100% Artisanal Bakery

Foodisiac Lounge-bar

Spectacular House Cocktails

Foodisiac is the place to meet with friends and try a cocktail you have never had before. Cocktails that will surprise you by marrying flavours of fresh fruits with unexpected mixes of premium alcohols. Of course, at Foodisiac we always pay special attention to aesthetics and the drinks look beautiful. They are elaborate, vivid, intense, the perfect recipe for a festive evening. Foodisiac is the ideal location to share those special moments in life with those you love.

Foodisiac Lounge-bar Cocktails

Foodisiac Restaurant

Ribera del Marlin, 25
Puerto de Sotogrande
11310, San Roque
+34 856 399 163 -

To reach the Port of Sotogrande driving, take highway AP-7 and exit at km 133. Then follow the directions to "Puerto de Sotogrande". There is a security post at the entrance of the port. Foodisiac is located in the area of the Marina of the port of Sotogrande called "El Mercado del Levante". When you enter the Port of Sotogrande, immediately after the security post, take the round-about and its the first exit to the right. 50 meters after the round-about, on the left, you will see a driveway with the entrance to the parking open 24 hours of the "Mercado del Levante" Enter the parking and park as close as you can to exit number 2. When you exit the parking from gate number 2, you will arrive directly on the Marina of Sotogrande and will find Foodisiac immediately to your left.